Your Own Seed Mantras as Per Your Astrological Charts


“Beej Mantra” is a combination of two words “Beej” and “Mantra”. “Beej” is a seed which when sown grows into a fruitful tree, whereas “Mantra” is an invocation that produces a set of vibration in the surrounding atmosphere. Thus “Beej Mantra” can be defined as sound vibrations which when performed with full faith results into a fountain of Shakti or Powerful energy. 

It is an interesting fact to know that in 360 degrees of Cosmic Universe there are 108 sound vibrations which are always active. These vibrations are an active constituent of not only the cosmic universe but also every individual is born with these sound vibrations which we also call as Beej mantras. There can be up to seven of them having the power to affect different aspects of our life like health, wealth, relationships etc. These Beej mantras are different for each Individual. 

In order to create a harmony between an individual and the cosmic universe one needs to connect with it through these vibrations only. This synchronization with the cosmic universe can take place either through deeper and higher levels of meditation or by knowing our own sound vibrations or Beej mantras and chanting them and becoming one with them. 

Beej mantras given or identified are for the purpose of matching cosmic sound vibration and the vibration of the person with which he or she is born. Once we have identified our own sound vibrations and we start chanting that sound over and again, each sound goes in the cosmic universe and hits at least one of the 108 sound vibrations which is same as itself and harmony takes place. The harmony between the individual and the Cosmic vibrations results in the overall prosperity and well being of an individual, be it in terms of health, wealth, relationships or any other aspect of an individual’s life. 

I have noticed that the Beej mantras normally given are matching the mind vibrations only. But there can be Beejas for every aspect of our physical and spiritual existence. 

By repeating these Beej Mantras one can create harmony with any aspect of life. Essentially it would tune your vibrations to match the cosmic vibrations to lead a thriving life. I have been researching and experimenting on the Beej Mantras for quite a long time And found them to be extremely effective and life transforming. 

The best way to find out one’s seed sound or alphabet is by making a birth chart. A Seed Mantra is combination of three words “ OM—your seed sound—Namah. For example if your seed sound is Li then your mantra would be “Om Lim Namah”. 

OM (pronounced AUM) is the most important of all mantras. All mantras generally begin and often also end with OM. OM is the mantra of assent and energizes whatever we say after it. That is why all mantras begin with OM. OM is also the mantra of ascent and causes our energy to rise upward into the infinite. 

Individual seed sound It both calls the divine down into us and offers our soul upward to the Divine for transformation. 

Namah is to bow to the energy of the mantra and thanking it.
There can be up to seven seed mantra for an individual depends on the birth chart. There is one base mantra which is for material and spiritual uplift and there are mantras which are for improving or creating harmony in particular aspect of life like health, wealth, relationships etc. 

Sanjeev Verma