Your October Horoscope Is Here—This Changes Everything

October will bring challenges to all signs, but a practical and logical approach will be the answer to overcoming negativity. Find out what the stars hold in store for you this month.


The positive influence of Jupiter gets stronger as it moves away from combustion (close proximity to the Sun). This will help you overcome negativities in the period ahead. The Sun will be debilitated on October 18thas it transits into Libra, indicating new challenges and confusions. But with support from Jupiter and Venus, you will be confident about your moves, whether in your career or relationship. Despite Mercury being combust (close to the Sun) after October 9th, you need to keep your communication channels open and be in touch with people who are important in your life. With cosmic energy getting much stronger, you should remember that keeping a positive frame of mind and practical approach toward your work will take you places much faster than you have ever thought. It is the period to make the best use of your intellect rather than going by your instincts. Read More