Your November Horoscope Shows Some Powerful Revelations

The November chart shows that this is a good time for soul-searching and change as you move toward exciting new energy in the months to come.

The month begins with Sun in its sign of debilitation until 16 November and Mars in Capricorn, which is its sign of exaltation. When Sun is in debilitation it is transiting through Libra, the planet known for making connections. This is a good period for looking within and doing some soul searching. It is best to halt, introspect, and see which direction you are going. What do you need to do to get the results you want? Connect with people with whom you have lost touch. Matters related to your personal life would be the area to focus. With Mars in exaltation you have the strength to accomplish what you desire. With Venus in Sagittarius this is a good time to explore new ideas, new territories, and accept challenges as and when they come. You will notice changes abound. Your informed and conscious approach will take you towards success. The positive influence of Jupiter will help you shed off some of the past disappointments, as you come closer to the New Year, you begin to feel new energy, new passion, and new hope.

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