Your March Horoscope—And It’s Intense

This March brings new challenges for all signs. Handle difficult circumstances with grace and compassion and you will emerge stronger for it.


An important change in the planetary configuration will be in the month of March when Venus and Jupiter will become retrograde. Venus, the planet of love, will also become combust from 22nd onwards. This planetary movement does not indicate good news for those in love. If you are in a relationship, you may become busy with other responsibilities and may unknowingly neglect your partner. Your partner, too, may be moody and temperamental around this period of time disturbing peace and harmony at home. You need to be a troubleshooter and handle matters of the heart with great care. The planetary position indicates caution and care. It is a period to be gentle with yourself and those around you. Think carefully before every move and action. If you have been thinking about short courses, then this is the perfect period to enroll yourself in new courses and lectures. Despite few challenges posed due to position of the stars, this period will give you strong ability to focus on your goals and emerge a winner. Read More..