Vedic Astrology – A Life Guiding Tool

Vedic Astrology – A Life Guiding Tool 

As human beings evolved and started to look for answers on different aspects of life, especially on the questions of mystery of life and death, they reached to a conclusion that there is connection between them and the universe. These quests to know the unknown workings of the universe led to the study and observation of sky and its movements. The more they studied more they found a connection between the planets and earth and their impact on the habitats of the earth. These studies led to the need of doing calculations and in the process numbers were invented which further led to the invention of mathematics, decimal system, meta physics and many other subjects. Astrology became mother of many sciences in a way. These powerful workings of the universe made humankind wonder about the force behind it which led to the belief that God force, power, energy, shakti, exists. 

Once these researchers learned to draw the blueprints of the sky on a leaf, the connection between us and universe took a huge leap. Firstly by finding the effects of this connection and secondly been able to read them in terms of events on earth and in the lives of individuals. 

When a child was born his horoscope was made and read by the Jyotshi (astrologer) of the village, he would look in to the destiny, will, bent of mind, creative aspects, passion, character etc. of the child and suggest most suitable profession according to his nature. If someone was courageous and had the traits of a warrior was sent to the army. If the passion for knowledge and learning was found then he was sent to Gurukuls (abode of Guru) for studies. If someone was found to be skilled with certain type of work was given that that training right from the child hood. The whole purpose of astrology at that point was to identify the characteristics and attributes of a child and train him accordingly to contribute to different needs of the society. Every profession was equally respected. 

Even today if astrology is used in identifying the will, passion, talent, nature, temperament, and bent of mind at an early age then it can be a powerful guiding tool in one’s life. That person doesn’t have to do too many experiments with his life and waste precious time, energy in doing things which are not essential for him. 

All us human beings are born with what I call -7 rights of consciousness– To Survive be Happy, Healthy, loved, Abundant, Creative and spiritual. All of these rights and their opposites coexist with us, these opposite are not our nature but they attack our rights of consciousness and when our will to defend becomes weak we lose our rights and suffer. A birth chart shows how our will is regarding these rights and in what areas we should improve our will by the use of free will in defence of these attacks; we can enjoy our rights of consciousness to the fullest and lead a best possible life.

Sanjeev Verma