Sukham Yoga

Sanjeev Verma experienced, firsthand, the influence of Yoga at a very young age in his life. He began his studies as a young man and continued on this path of searching and learning for many years. His mentors were well known yoga masters and spiritual leaders in India.

In this way, Sanjeev Verma gained a deep understanding of the secrets of yoga and how we can apply this knowledge in today’s hurried world. His mentoring will guide you both on the mat and in your daily life. His passion is to share these secrets and practices with instructors and students alike, guiding the curious student and watching them grow into experienced and transformed beings. Yoga instructors have this opportunity to grow and deepen their ability to teach.

“There are five types of spiritual beings – Those who are curious, those who are seekers, those who know it, those who have experienced it, and those who have gone beyond experience.”
— Sanjeev Verma

The curious
The seekers
The knowers
The experienced
Beyond experience

As a yoga teacher:

Are your students curious about new methods to enhance their yoga techniques? Do you know that a deeper understanding of Yoga would benefit both you and your students? Are you seeking that understanding? Are you a knower, and believe that the ancient yoga secrets are within your grasp, if you found the master who could teach them? Has your experience already led you to Sanjeev Verma and his wealth of knowledge in Sukham Yoga?

Yoga has become extremely popular in the last decade,but very few yoga teachers are really masters of this art. Yoga is more than an exercise, or stretches or postures on a mat. It is a combination of the body, mind, soul, intellect and breath. It is a spiritual journey.

Some seekers travel all the way to India, the birthplace of yoga, in search of this authenticity. This mastery is available here in North America, with Sanjeev Verma along with the extensive resources he will bring to you.

Sanjeev Verma has spent years studying with yoga masters in India and he brings to you the

Ancient Vedic Secrets,
Yoga Development Workshop

This one-day workshop is a rare opportunity for Yoga students and teachers to understand yoga the way many curious seekers have understood it for thousands of years, since its inception in ancient India.

Experience this workshop if you are ready to:

  • Learn the secrets of the ancient yoga masters.
  • Attract more authenticity and integrity to your practice, and to your students practice, too.
  • Realize a deeper connection with your body, the environment and life itself.

– OR –

Are you:

  • A yoga student?
  • Interested in spiritual growth?
  • Interested in yogic philosophy?
  • Interested in meditation?
  • A Reiki healer, Chakra healer or Energy healer?
An Essential Workshop for Yoga Teachers

This one day (6-hour) workshop is a rare opportunity to understand yoga the way people have understood it for thousands of years, since its creation in ancient India.

During the Old World Secrets Yoga Development Workshop, Sanjeev will guide you to a deeper understanding of:

1. Paranayam (Breathing) 

Learn the 7 types of breathing and how a single breath cycle affects your entire body, from the respiratory system to the neurological system.

  • Participants in this workshop will understand how proper breathing impacts our ability to feel and react to life’s situations.Understand how shallow breathing contributes to an unhealthy body. Learn that breathing is the vital energy of life and how it affects your mind, body and spiritual being.

2. Pranic Meditations 

  • Learn how Prana is the vital, life-sustaining force behind true spirituality Understand how pranic meditation and breathing can bring you to the next level of spirituality.

3. Yoga & Chakras 

Understand how yoga affects your chakras, the seven energy centres of your body. Learn how to target each chakra to balance, lift and invoke the chakras. Engage your body physically to increase strength to properly hold and withstand the mental experience.

4. Yoga & Mantras 

  • Understand how mantras are used as a tool to control your mind.
  • Mantras are a combination of sound effects to elevate your life and the spiritual experience.
  • Transform and manifest change in your life by reawakening your brain and elevating its power to a new level of awareness.

5. Yoga & Oneness Meditation 

  • Learn how to create a deeper awareness of your whole-being and a higher state of relaxation and consciousness.

When you attend the workshop, please dress comfortably and bring a notebook and pen.

Who Should Attend?

Although this workshop is essential for yoga teachers and studio owners, everyone is welcome who wishes to enhance their understanding of Yoga, ancient Vedic secrets, and to practice at a deeper level.

Here’s how it works:

Simply get a group together and Sanjeev will come to your yoga studio, event or retreat. If you don’t have a location, you may choose to rent a space for the workshop.

Anyone can organize a workshop, from a yoga studio owner to a group of yoga students or teachers, to Reiki healers, Chakra healers and Energy healers.

The cost is $300/person or $3,000 for a group of 10 to 30.

If you are located outside of Southern Ontario, we respectfully ask that the yoga studio or group hosting the workshop pay Sanjeev’s hotel and travel expenses.

The workshop format

Ancient Vedic Secrets Yoga Development Workshop is a 6 hour workshop. You can choose a one-day format, or divide the workshop into two sessions.

Sample 1-day format (6 hours)

  • 3 hour morning session
  • Lunch break
  • 3 hour afternoon session

Sample 2-day format (6 hours)

  • Tuesday afternoon 3-hour session
  • Wednesday morning 3-hour session

Choose the format that works best for your group.

The Matrix of Karma Workshop

Understand Karma so completely that you have the power to change it.

The Dharma Workshop ( The Purpose of Life)

Understanding the purpose of your life means you can live it to the fullest. The truth of your existence is found in the ancient Vedic secrets revealed by Sanjeev Verma.

Born to Evolve: A Spiritual Journey

Are you ready to take the next step on the path? Are you ready to understand that evolution and all it encompasses?

The Six Alphabets of Love and Relationships

Learn and understand the different levels of relationships, find your connection within those relationships and enhance the value or meaning of that connection.

Thought Transformation

Whatever we affirm repeatedly is what we create. Whatever we visualize repeatedly is what we create. Whatever we suggest to ourselves is what we create. Thus, our thoughts create our reality. Thought transformation means life transformation!

30 minute Total Transformation

Discover how the regular use of specific meditation, yoga and breathing practices will undeniably transform your way of life. These practices utilise the physical, mental, material, spiritual and emotional experiences and require just 30 minutes a day.

Price and Format of Courses

The cost for each course is $300/person or $3,000 for a group of 10 to 30.
Each course can be run either as a 6-hour (1 day course) or in two 3-hour sessions.