Seed Mantra

Beej Mantra.

“Beej” means a seed, that when sown grows into a fruitful tree. Thus when we invoke a seed, using it as our mantra it produces a set of vibrations that cause a powerful, fruitful energy.

On the day you were born, at the exact time and place you came into this life, there was a specific vibration occurring. This can be tracked by Sanjeev with exact mathematical calculations, using Vedic astrology.

Knowing and using this personal vibration allows us to become harmonious and one with the cosmic universe. It takes us back to the root of our roots.
“It is the map of your life, and I am able to read that map.” — Sanjeev

Experiencing this oneness helps at all levels of meditation as we synchronize with one of the 108 vibrations that exist in the universe.

During a reading, Sanjeev will provide for you the Beej (seed) sound that you may use whenever you meditate. By creating the Beej Mantra and combining it with “Om” and “namah” you are creating a unique harmony.

It is your personal seed sound syllable you are born with, it is yours for life, and it is your sound frequency with the Universe.

Using your Mantra

‘Om’ is the most powerful of all mantras; it is the assent to our Beej Mantra which follows after it. It also causes our energy to rise upward as we offer our souls to the universe, and invite the Divine into our life.

To pronounce “Om” think of it as if it were spelled “AUM”.

With an open mouth and throat, begin with an “A” sound. It is the first letter of many languages, including Sanskrit and is given first place in our mantra. Then, softly joined with the “A” , but with the mouth more closed, sound the “U” . The last, the “M” will also softly join with the “AU” as the mouth closes and the sound resonates through the nose and rises up.

Om, by itself is a complete mantra and meditation.

Next is your Beej or seed sound

If your seed sound is “Li” you would chant “Om, Lim, Namah”.


‘Namah’ thanks the energy of our mantra and bows to it

There can be up to seven seed mantras for each person, depending on their individual birth chart. There is one base mantra which is for spiritual and material uplifting. There are also mantras which are for creating harmony and improving particular areas of one’s life such as health, wealth and relationships.

Use your Beej Mantra every day for at least 20 minutes. It may be used sitting quietly or during your daily routine.