Are We Prepared For Our Death Day?

His Holiness the Dalai Lama quoted on his birthday —

People need to look forward to, and prepare for, their “death day” more so than their birthday

Here is what I perceive it as a Vedic Seer. 

When we are born we come with our karmic load of previous lifetimes to balance it and a free will to evolve from human beings to spiritual beings. When we die we carry our karmic balance and unfulfilled desires with us which again determines our next life time. 

If we feel sadness and fear of death then we have missed the opportunity to transform ourselves to understand and fulfill the very purpose of life. But in our unconsciousness, we are all continuously missing the opportunity to evolve being caught into our unreal pursuits. The life is moving every moment, just in front of us, but somehow we go on missing. Existence gives so much in abundance in the form of material and spiritual blessings that death becomes a celebration if we can recognise prepare and take advantage of its offerings. 

Death says “I can come any moment”. Be prepared and the preparation is: live life to the fullest and so totally be aware and unfolded that no desire left and nothing more left to know in its mysteries. When death comes you welcome it because your spirit has evolved beyond duality. I call that death well prepared, when karma is balanced, no more will to live is left and then an astrological birth chart dissolves. 

Birth date shows where you had reached in your past life time evolution and determine the destiny or journey of his this life time. 

Departing day from that point is definitely more important than the day of birth because that day is the one which had determined the birth date of this life time and is going to determine the future birth date of the next life time. 

When H.H.Dalai Lama says to look forward and prepare for death day he is not talking about that very day of death but the whole life time preparing for that day which would determine where you stand in the Karmic balance and will. 

Sanjeev Verma