Sanjeev Verma has helped countless people around the world take control of their lives and turn their dreams into reality! Sanjeev Verma is a yoga, meditation master, life coach, spiritual master and Vedic astrologer based in Canada.

Guided by the teachings of spiritual masters of India, Sanjeev Verma teaches seminars on vedic philosophy, manifestation techniques, yoga and meditation to successfully empower and transform lives of his students through simple techniques. 

As a master of Astrology, Sanjeev Verma uses his skills in astrology and meditation as a part of his mentoring and transformation plan.

Sanjeev Verma quotes “we are one with all humanity and the elements of the Universe. Regardless of time, place, and background, you have the ability to change your life by being one with the Universe.” Sanjeev Verma has developed a unique Oneness Meditation, which offers the awe-inspiring experience of discovering universal unity.

To provide an accurate reading, you will need to bring your birth information which includes date, time and place of birth.

An accurate birth time is important to obtain a correct interpretation of your horoscope. If you are unsure of your birth time, but are fairly certain that it is within four to six hours of the correct time, a birth rectification procedure can be performed to determine the exact time of birth. The birth rectification is a separate procedure from the reading itself and requires an additional fee.

If you do not know your birth time within six hours or so, then you will require a more lengthy procedure called birth determination to assign a birth time.

It is recommended that you have a Birth Chart Reading done first, as it is the foundation needed to better understand other readings and it includes all aspects of your life, however if you have something you are specific looking for a chart can be designed appropriately.

There really is no difference between a phone reading and a reading in person, other than the experience of being face to face when the reading is performed. Sanjeev Verma performs readings over the phone for clients from around the world and the readings are just as powerful as if they had been done in person.

Sanjeev Verma does not record the sessions because of the blockage that it causes in the flow of the reading. He will always take the time to ensure that you make all the notes you need to ensure you get the most value possible from the reading.

Unless there is a pressing need, it is recommended you spend some time digesting the material presented in the Birth Chart Reading before scheduling a Progression reading approximately one months time.

As an expert in his field, which is reading horoscopes, clients engage Sanjeev Verma to obtain his interpretation of their chart and clients have been impressed with his accuracy. It is up to each individual however, to exercise some judgment and discrimination in the process of interpreting the information from their reading.

When you are born you are born with a sound vibration that is unique to you. Through the Birth Chart reading Sanjeev Verma determines your Seed Mantra which matches the sound vibration of your birth. When you use your Seed Mantra you become more in tune with life and it provides you with general protection from the negative. Everything transforms for the better your day becomes smoother and everything falls into place with less effort.

In order to do a reading for someone other than yourself, you must secure the permission of that person prior to the actual reading.

You can have Sanjeev Verma look at anyones chart as it relates to your own chart. Also, as a parent, you have the option of getting a reading for your children.